Thursday, May 24, 2012

Inspiration and Divine Intervention.
Our 5k story. How we got started and a few of the obstacles (that turned into blessings) we have encountered.

Brooke and I have been following Avery's bucket list from pretty much day one. And like everyone that read Avery's Bucket List, we feel in love with a sweet baby and her family.

When we heard of Avery's passing we cried. And then it clicked.... We have been wanting to host a 5k race here in town, but had no real reason to besides the fact we love to run.

Because we have never put an event like this together before I started where everyone does... Google Search! I started researching timing companies, 5k event planning checklists, and anything else I could think of off the top of my head. We came up with a name inspired by pictures of Avery's room, her name above her crib with a "b" and "r" in front spelling out brAVERY. We looked at the calender and came up with a date in September. And then the real work began.

The first timing company I contacted got back to me right away, but she was only available in August :( So I went on filling out information on tons of other timing company sites (and have still never heard back!) Bummed out about not knowing what to do about a timing company, I decided I should figure out what I need to do to get City approval for a race... After a failed attempt at contacting someone that wouldn't have been able to help me anyway I decided to call the City Office. Best thing about living in a small town, easily getting in contact with the right person!

So, first step contact PD and get a route set up. I contacted the Lt. in charge and he gave me some requirements for our course and I got to work! On May 11th (Avery's half birthday!) I emailed our route to the Lt. and he approved it! I decided after talking with Brooke that we should move the race to August so we know we have someone to time our event. Once again when I contacted Race Day Event Services she was quick to respond! So we had a route approved and a timing company to make it official! Then as I was searching the SMA awareness ribbon (for Wear Ivory for Avery Day) I noticed a couple things, SMA Awareness month is August (the only time that Race Day Event Services was available!) and that the letters on the ribbon were a lavender like color and some ribbons had a lavender rose (Anytime Fitness colors are purple!)

So on Avery's half birthday I was able to accomplish everything I needed in order to get the 5k underway!
I know I had an angel sitting on my shoulder that day!

I have to say that I am so honored to be in a position where I can host an event like this and even more blessed that so many people are willing to come together for such a great cause!

Race Updates:
We are still working on getting a separate bank account set up. Once we do this we will be able to set up online registration and donations!
I am also trying to work on a way that people around the country and world will be able get involved despite living far away from Texas!
Stay in touch for more details!


  1. Great idea!!! I'm such a huge SMAan of Avery's as well! Are there tshirts or anything to puchase?

  2. This is a great reason for me to start running! I'll be there with bells on!