Friday, July 6, 2012

"Keep on Smiling, Life is a little sweeter that way" ~Avery's Song by Randy McLellan

If you haven't yet, download Avery's Song! It makes my heart smile every time I listen to it!

Here is a little up date with where we are on everything with the brAVERY run:
  • The virtual run now has 12 different US States registered and we have people from Canada registered as well! How awesome would it be if we got people from all 50 states to register!!
  • The medals have been ordered and they are going to look AMAZING! I will post a picture when we get them in!
  • We are still waiting to place the official brAVERY run shirts until we finalize all of our sponsors. If you have been thinking about sponsoring it is not too late. Get your information to us by the end of the month so we can put your business name on the back of the official event shirts!
  • Speaking of sponsors, we do need more! Our sponsors allow us to make this the best race ever! We specifically need sponsors to help us purchase post race snacks and port-a-potties! From there all other sponsorships will help us raise EVEN MORE money to finding a cure!

Thanks for all of your help! Don't forget to register online!

If you or someone you know would like to sponsor the race contact Amber at 214.883.0085

This is the most important part of what we are doing: SHARE AVERY'S STORY WITH THE WORLD!

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